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Welcome to my website !   Hi...I’m John Hayden. I’ve painted almost as long as I can remember, and if you were to ask me why I’d have to simply say  ” because I enjoy it ! ”.  Over the years I’ve painted a large variety of subjects in oils, acrylics and watercolours.  I’ve painted landscapes of all the beautiful places to which I have travelled throughout the world but the majority are of  my local area, which is the lovely countryside and coastline of Southern England. In addition, ever since childhood I’ve liked painting steam locomotives, aircraft, ships and other transportation, and these days this has developed into forming a significant part of my work.There is now quite a large portfolio of original paintings, prints, both limited and open editions which I am gradually trying to get onto this site to enable you to browse through online.

Railway Gallery

Just a few of John Hayden's      Railway Paintings

Air, Land and Sea

Assorted Paintings from over the years by John Hayden

Landscapes Gallery

A Gallery of Landscapes by John Hayden

Johns Scrapbook 

About Me

Although I had always drawn and painted in my spare time whenever I could from an early age, for many years I was very busy with the "day job" and did not actually show my work publicly.But around the early nineties I was persuaded  to try exhibiting some of my work, and since then I have taken part in numerous exhibitions.  Most years I have had at least one solo show, where landscapes of the local Hampshire and Dorset coasts and the New Forest have proved very popular. But I have never lost my love of steam railway paintings, and I always  include a few in my landscape exhibitions. I am constantly surprised at the number of people who share my enthusiasm for railways !

Guild of Railway Artists

This has led to numerous invitations to show my work at steam rallies and model railway exhibitions etc. and I am now an Associate Member of the Guild of Railway Artists.  I have been kept very busy with commissions for railway paintings as well as aviation, marine, and motoring paintings.These days, although I still love the watercolour medium for on-site landscapes, for commission work  I use  mostly oils and acrylics.Thank you for visiting my websiteJohn Hayden

Media & Events

Ashley Grange

No live exhibitions yet.


Lockdown has cancelled live exhibitions for the time being.

Royal Yacht Brittania

I am planning a Virtual On Line Exhibition soon.