John Hayden artist

Although I had always drawn and painted in my spare time whenever I could from an early age, for many years I was very busy with the "day job" and did not actually show my work publicly.

But around the early nineties I was persuaded  to try exhibiting some of my work, and since then I have taken part in numerous exhibitions.  Most years I have had at least one solo show, where landscapes of the local Hampshire and Dorset coasts and the New Forest have proved very popular. But I have never lost my love of steam railway paintings, and I always  include a few in my landscape exhibitions. I am constantly surprised at the number of people who share my enthusiasm for railways !

This has led to numerous invitations to show my work at steam rallies and model railway exhibitions etc. and I am now an Associate Member of the Guild of Railway Artists.  I have been kept very busy with commissions for railway paintings as well as aviation, marine, and motoring paintings.

These days, although I still love the watercolour medium for on-site landscapes, for commission work  I use  mostly oils and acrylics.

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John Hayden